Welcome to the Crittenden Way BLOG

Better Communication through our BlogStarting in June 2018, we are developing and sharing a Blog about Crittenden Way Apartments and the surrounding Rochester, NY region.

We plan to provide timely information about our Apartment Community, such as: additions or changes to our Amenities or Facilities, scheduled maintenance reporting, and other matters directly relating to our tenants.

Additionally, we will publish Blog Posts that discuss regional events, festivals, and local announcements. The Crittenden Way Blog will be a source for important information about our Apartment Community as well as the Brighton and the Rochester NY region.

The Crittenden Way Blog is Intended to Start a Conversation

The Crittenden Way Blog is also being launched to foster more communication between the Management & Staff and our tenants (both current as well as potential tenants). At the end of each Blog Post we will ask you to dialog with us about the Blog you just read, but to do so on Facebook. The Crittenden Way Apartments Facebook page is the perfect place to continue the conversation.

Crittenden Way Blog - Tenants can check it outA Web-log or Blog is the best place to share timely information, photos, videos, and announcements. And Facebook is the perfect complement, providing a great place for tenants (and potential tenants) to ask us questions.

It is our goal to provide practical methods for our tenants (and potential new tenants) to communicate with us in a convenient and natural way. Our Blog and Facebook Page are the Social Media outlets we are currently using to communicate more directly, but in a non-intrusive manner.

Please be looking for many more Crittenden Way Blog Posts in the coming weeks and months. And let us know what you think. Please join us on the Crittenden Way Apartments Facebook page to continue this conversation. Thanks!

Photo of our Pool taken June 8th, 2018

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